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Our Mission

Curiosity Foundation builds products and experiences with industry experts to catalyze enthusiasm for problem-solving and the sciences in the next generation of diverse engineers, innovators, and scientists.

Current Projects

Check out the challenges that we’re taking on now. Both have the potential of creating educational experiences for students that spark the curiosity necessary to lead to a potential career path in their future.

Experiences: Idea Launch

We’re partnering with Pajaro Valley Unified School district to create a unique program designed to take students from problem to product using the same tools and strategies used by their favorite start ups.

  • Students meet in small groups with our mentors to learn about problem discovery, customer interviews, and the process of ideation that leads them to their own soluton.
  • We facilitate community among students as well as with mentors, local start-ups, and resources. Mentors moderate, teach, and work with students in real-time twice a week. 
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Our Team

Alfred Young

Alfred is a software engineer and creates the web and mobile experiences required to bring each of our ideas to life. He believes that good software should be intuitive, simple, and fun to use.

Sukh Singh

Sukh handles design, community relations, and fund-raising. He bring 5+ years of start-up experience to the team and enjoys the scrappy beginnings of getting each challenge off the ground. 

Board of Directors
Anoop Kaur

Anoop is passionate about enabling the fantastic work of non-profits and NGOs around the world. Her background in International Relations and experience as an immigrant is woven into every project she takes on. She brings experience and expertise in navigating the non-profit world to our board.

Dr. Thomas Azwell

Dr. Azwell is a doctoral researcher at Berkeley’s College of Natural Resources with a focuon on developing low-cost and environmentally safe bioremediation technologies. He’s also built green houses at multiple schools and has been recognized as a Garden Crusader by the National Gardening Association.

Moira Barker

Moira is the assitant super-intendent  has feet on the ground experience as an educator, principal, and as an administrator. Her inside-out understanding of how the public school system works is indespensible to our team as we work to serve all students.

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