COVID-19 Response

This pandemic has affected the lives of students, teachers, and people all over the world. As we all transition to working and learning from home, Curiosity Foundation will lend a hand in supporting you through the transition.

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Free Easy to Use Instructions + Real Support

We’re making easy to use walkthrough of the tools already at your fingertips. Our goal is to maximize teacher/student productivity using the suite of Google tools that most schools already have access to. Plus, convenient support to help you get set up to teach online. 

Instructional Content

The tools you need to get your online class going. We keep our videos short and simple. Feel free to ask questions or request other videos from our youtube channel.

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Someone to Listen

Get on our calendar and we’ll listen to what’s toughest about the transition for you. We’ll help you set up and get access to the tools and content you need to have a successful online experience.

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